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Apple fans are returning their new 2018 MacBook Pros that cost a minimum of $2,800 because they can’t reach the advertised speeds.

  • Apple recently released new MacBook Pro models, which can be configured with Intel’s Core i9 processor.
  • The most affordable MacBook Pro with the Core i9 processor costs about $2,800.
  • But owners of those new MacBook Pros are finding that their computers are having a difficult time reaching the advertised 2.9 GHz speeds — mainly because the laptop’s built-in cooling system can’t keep up with the intense heat that the Core i9 produces.

You’ll have to put the brand-spanking-new 2018 MacBook Pro with Intel’s Core i9 processor in a freezer to get the advertised 2.9 GHz speeds.

At least, that’s what Dave Lee from the Dave2D YouTube channel did to get the most out of his.

Before Lee put it in the freezer, the 2018 MacBook Pro with a Core i9 processor actually performed worse than a 2017 MacBook Pro running a Core i7.

“This i9 in this MacBook can’t even maintain the base clock speed,” Lee said in his video.

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