Preview 6 New Features Of Win 10 Next Update – Redstone 5

in April 2018, Microsoft released a new Windows 10 update, known as Redstone 4.  The highly anticipated release of Redstone 5 is still in the works.

While no official launch date has been announced,  it’s rumored the release will be in the final quarter of 2018.

What’s so special about this new major update?

Windows Sets

Windows Sets takes the usefulness of  the tabs you use in your browsers and applies it to the whole Win 10 operating system (OS).

It allows users to open a window with tabs for apps, another for files, yet another for web pages, any program, although it can be used for anything and everything.

If  you are working on a Word document and need to go online for any reason. Sets will open the web page in a tab beside your Word file. Then if you need to create a spreadsheet, it appears in a third tab.

This way everything connected to your Word document is neatly organized in a Set.

The next time you open your Word file, a prompt will remind you of the online article, spreadsheet, and all other tabs related to that particular document.

Microsoft new thinking is  “content that belongs together should stay together.” We couldn’t agree more!

Cloud Clipboard

Cloud Clipboard is shared across all your Win 10 devices, so you can copy-paste between different devices. Cloud Clipboard also logs the things you copy, so you can refer back to them later. This feature gets a full blown WOW from our staff.

Snipping Tool &  Screen Sketch App

The current Snipping Tool in Windows is a little clunky and  not exactly convenient for quick screenshots.  Not anymore, now you can press ALT + Shift + S to open the Snipping Tool from any screen.

Snipping Tool also allows you to launch the Screen Sketch app with one click, so you can immediately edit your image.

Dark Theme Explorer

Microsoft finally added a dark theme to its File Explorer, so you won’t be blinded when you browse in the middle of the night – we rather like this option and Mac OSX 10.14 Mojave has a similar feature.

Much Improved Search Experience

Searching for files and apps from the Windows taskbar will have a wider “foot print”  to show more content and info.

Improve Your Phone Apps

This app makes it a lot easier for iOS and Android smartphones to interact with your PC / laptop.

You can send and receive texts;  drag and drop files, photos, and other media files  from your phone to PC and vice versa.

These are a few reasons why there’s much excitement about the pending release of Win 10 Redstone 5. Look for more updates and features when it launches later this Fall.

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