Goodbye Windows 7

Windows 7 has been a long time favorite OS (operating system) for home &
business users, but now the end of life for Win 7 is 2020.

Microsoft’s ended its “free upgrade offer” for Win 10 in 2016, which means
the only way to get a Win 10 upgrade is to pay for it… 
however, Microsoft is not enforcing it – yet! Sadly, there is no way to know how
much longer Microsoft will  turn a blind eye
to the free upgrades they already expired.

One way or another other, you HAVE
move to Win 10

Unfortunately if we cannot activate your current 
Win 7 keycode to win to you will have to pay Microsoft for a upgrade license

But, before jumping in and upgrading
or installing Win 10, on your PC

(desktop, tablet or laptop) it is 1st wise to be certain of a few things.

By preparing your PC for the upgrade, you are taking all the necessary precautions to
allow the upgrade process to off go cleanly and smoothly.

The following are the 10 steps we
perform to upgrade

any computer to Win 10.

Step 1: Test all

If your PC has any hardware issues we need to address them prior to

Win 10 upgrade. Should your PC have any hardware issues, this may well

be the deciding factor for you to either repair it (depending on price)

or bite the bullet and buy a new PC.

Step 2: Make sure your computer is able to be upgraded to Win 10.
Can your PC run Win 10? The answer is most likely yes.
Win 10 requires the same minimum hardware
requirements as Win 7.
Is your Win 7 key code valid? Unless you are getting a message
that states Windows is not activated, most likely you are good.
Finally, does your PC have at least 16GB
of free space to install Win 10.

Step 3: Scan and remove any malicious code (Viruses and/or malware).
As the saying goes, it’s not nice to fool mother nature, and it could be
disastrous to fool with upgrading to Win 10 with infections!

Step 4:  Resolve
any system file corruption in Win 7.

If your PC is running poorly – then upgrading to win 10 most likely will

amplify the problem(s). Often we can clean up these problems up

before the upgrade process. If we cannot clear it up, we can still

put Win 10 on your PC, but it will have to be done as a clean install.

Step 5: Backup your

To protect all of the files you have on your computer, we highly

recommended that you back up your computer, just in case something

goes wrong during the upgrade process. Regardless if you are

upgrading to Windows 10 or not, it’s always a good idea to

backup your irreplaceable data files (pictures, music, movies,

tax returns, resumes, etc.)  Upgrading to Win 10 this is a good time

for us to get this critical chore done for you.

Win 10 upgrade should install without a hitch, but driver problems,
or file system corruption are a real possibility and, during
any automated system update, there’s always a chance something could go wrong.

Therefore before we begin the upgrade process, we highly suggest you create
a backup all data files, or we can do it for you!

Step 6: Update your
current Windows Software.

Before the upgrade, we will install all of the service packs & updates for
Win 7.

Step 7:  Upgrade
your PC to Win 10.

Depending on your computer’s hardware this process takes about 2 hrs.

Step 8: Install drivers.
Whenever installing a new version of Windows, it’s always a sound idea to verify
that you’re using compatible drivers. This will help you avoid stability issues
that could arise due to your computer’s hardware.

Step 9: Install Win 10
service packs and updates.

While we’re at it we will Enable System Protection & Create a Restore Point

Step 10: Activate your
new Win 10 license.

Once your computer has the latest updates, we will activate your new digital
Win 10 license.


Q: How much do we charge to Upgrade your PC to
Win 10?

A:  $99 covers the clean installation of Win 10, There is an additional $69 fee if you
would like us to back up your PC before we upgrade it.
This price covers most PCs. It wouldn’t, for example, cover a server or high-end workstation.

At this time Microsoft is not enforcing the upgrade license,
however if they do, there would be an additional charge to covert the  license fee.
We will notify you if this is the case.

Q: What is the difference
between upgrading or clean installation of Win 10?

A: If we can upgrade Win 7 to Win 10, your PC will be exactly the same
after the upgrade as it was before, except you’ll be running Win 10 instead of Win 7. 
All of your data files (pictures, documents, tax returns etc.)
will be intact as well as software that is compatible with Win 10.

Q: Will all of my software and printers work
after the upgrade?

Most if not all of your software and printers should run without a problem in
Win 10, but there are exceptions. You need to check with the software vendors
to make sure the products installed in your PC are compatible with Win 10.

In the last 2 years, we have
upgraded literally hundreds of PCs to Win 10 – Our experience says on 95% the
upgrades we do, all software and printers work flawlessly in Win 10 after the

For whatever reason, if the upgrade
process fails (and it does happen on occasion) it is not a problem, we can
cleanly install a new copy of Win 10 on your PC, and transfer your backed files
to your PC. If you do not back up your data files you are risking the
possibility of a data loss.

Unfortunately, with a clean install,
you will have to reinstall all of your software & printers and you will be
starting all over with a “new” PC.

Q: What if there is a problem and my PC can’t be
upgraded to Win 10?

A:  Your only risk is a $19 diagnostic fee.

Q: How
long does the upgrade take.

We can usually have the upgrade completed by the end of the next business day
if you make an appointment and drop off before

1 pm, Monday – Friday.  It also depends on how smoothly the upgrade goes.


Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions or
concerns you may have (734) 971-9600

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