Speed Up Your Computer


$49 Speed Up That SLOW Computer
Spring Special
Save $30

A Slow computer is so frustrating!

Your computer seems to get slower over time
even after you buy a new one!

Which begs the question… why do computers get slower??
A vast majority of the time we find it’s not the hardware
causing it to slow down.

that is causing the problem – and there are a lot of things
we can do to fix that!

Stop by and right on the counter we will take a look
at your Mac or PC.  or  Call us with any questions
(734) 971-6900

Want Your Computer Fixed NOW??

Let us assist you with your  SLOW Mac or PC

Drop off by 1 pm Monday – Friday and we will start work the same day.
We’ll  pinpoint your computers problem by the next business day.

Make An Appointment On-Line or By Phone & Speed Up Your Repair
All Appointments Get Priority Service


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