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6 Common Computer Problems & How To Tell If They Are Hardware or Software Related.

Computer problems are unavoidable. They’re an unfortunate part of the technological world. Computer problems are like humans can get sick and need time off to recover. For instance, it’s likely your computer will run without any issues for months, perhaps even years before something goes wrong that could require a repair. Most importantly, the real problem is figuring out what.. like exactly, went wrong. So you know what the computer problems is & how to fix it. So, luckily, there are a few tell tale signs that could help you identify whether your computer’s issue is hardware or software related!

1. Failing to boot up 

For example if your computer problems are it wont powering on, it’s likely hardware problems. This could be anything from the power supply to the motherboard or even the CPU itself. If you’re lucky, it might just be a loose cable or something that’s easily fixable. However, if it is something more serious like a failed hard drive or logic board, then you’ll need to take your computer in for repairs. Moreover, if you’re seeing any kind of error message when trying to start up your computer, that’s also a good indicator that there is a hardware issue. One of the most common errors is “No Operating System Found.” This might indicate there is a problem with the bootloader on your PC.

2. Blue Screen Problem

A blue screen is often indicative of a hardware problem. The blue screen error code will give you a clue as to what’s wrong with your computer. If it’s something like “0x000000C19” then it might be an issue with your memory modules (RAM). “0x0000001E” usually means there is a problem with your drivers. Consequently, If you’re seeing this kind of error, it’s best to take your PC in for repairs. A qualified technician can diagnose the specific issue.

3. Corrupted Files

One of the most common software related problems is corrupted files. This can be caused by anything from a virus to an improper shutdown. If your computer is constantly freezing or crashing, it’s likely that you have some corrupted files on your system.

4. Random Computer Crashes

If your computer is crashing for no apparent reason, it’s likely a software issue. This likely is caused by anything from an incompatible driver to corrupted system files. Malware / virus certainly can cause your computer to crash. The best way to troubleshoot this problem is to run a malware scan. Then if necessary, do a clean install of your OS (operating system, such as Win 10).

5. Overheating

One of the most common hardware problems is overheating. For example, when your computer’s cooling system can’t keep up with its processing power and starts getting overwhelmed. Some signs that you’re overheating include high CPU usage, laggy performance, slow startup times, random shutdowns or even blue screens. Therefore, if this does happen to you then it just might be time for a new PC!

6. Slow Internet

If your Internet is not working properly, it’s likely a hardware problem. Certainly this issue could be caused by any number of problems from faulty wiring – to an overloaded router. Subsequently, what you should do is check all of the connections on your modem. After that, test out different wireless channels to identify if there are any problems with your Wi-Fi connection. In some cases, it might mean that you need a more powerful router for multiple people to use the Internet!

There you have it – 6 quite common computer related issues we have all experienced. If you cannot figure out what the problem is and need professional advice, give us a call at (734)-971-6900. You can also schedule an appointment here

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