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If you are in the market  for a great buy on a Mac or PC check our selection of affordable computers.  Most of our Pre-Owned Computers are in grade “A” spotless condition, with minimal or no wear marks.

We meticulously recondition laptops & desktop computers both Mac & PC , we thoroughly test & certify these computers and systems & offer them to the public at a very reasonable price, sometimes at or below wholesale pricing!!!

We guarantee each and everyone of them with a ROCK SOLID warranty!
And we go above & beyond in, after the sale support, on every computer purchased from us.

Every computer we sell comes with lifetime support. If you ever have a problem with a computer you buy from us, we will check it out at no charge.

We also offer 15% off any non-discounted service, or stocking part if you ever wish to upgrade or repair any computer you purchased from us.


Who Offers That Kind Of After The Sale Support?


We are committed to after the sale support because we know that service & quality
is what really counts in establishing a long term relationship with our customers.