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Small Business IT Support

We Provide Small Business IT Support – Ann Arbor

List of  Ways We Can Support Your Company.

  • Relieve Stress

    Let us do what we do best- take care of those nagging technical problems that slow your business down or worse stop productivity. We can troubleshoot, upgrade & maintain all of your computers & tablets, remove all the unknown mysteries of your business network, implement automatic backups (and most importantly)  inspect them for accuracy, resolve printer & email issues. Our role is to deliver reliable, consistent and stable support. The stability of the business infrastructure is a significant reduction of  problems & stress the management team otherwise would have to contend with which we think you’ll find is a pretty big stress buster and peace-of-mind.

  • It’s all about you.

    We simplify your life by solving problems you haven’t got time for. So you can focus on your business. If you’re not getting things done because of issues in your business network, we’re not doing our job.

  • Save Money

    We are a small business just like you. We do our best to keep costs down by running a lean operation. We’re proud of the fact that our hourly rates are typically 15-20% lower than the industry average, which makes us affordable. We do this through minimal overhead and by staying true to our commitment of  supporting local small businesses with 10 – 15 or less computers.

  • Our Approach?  It’s Pretty Simple, We’ve Got Your Back!

    Tap into our support services as you move from start up to an established business. This month it might be Laptop or MacBook cleanups  / upgrades, 6 month from now
    maybe you’ll want to add features to your web site or set up automated billing. As you grow your business we tailor our IT support to your business needs. You are in control and our our support is completely scalable – up or down.

On Site Business Computer Support Ann Arbor

  • Strategize Your Growth

    You’ve got ambitious goals, let us help you achieve them. We customize your company’s infrastructure to support your business plan.

  • Tap Into Our Experience

    It’s a cliche, but we’ve been there & done that.  Small business in Ann Arbor struggling with recurring & frustrating  computer and/or network issues. We’ve seen it! With years of experience assisting Ann Arbor / Washtenaw County area  small businesses, we’re familiar with challenges you face. Let us help you avoid the pitfalls.

  • Flexible Plans

    We can assist you through a monthly retainer for a set number of hours. Your retainer may consist of pre-scheduled onsite support, remote support, or a combination of the two. We realize your needs may change, so we do not lock you into a long-term contract, like other IT providers. As you adapt to the shifting business climate, we can ramp our service up or down on an as-needed basis. You’ll find we are affordable. All of our business clients pay less than it would cost to have a part time minimum wage employee on staff. Except you’ll never have to pay vacation time or payroll taxes, and we never call in sick!  We also offer  à la carte on demand break fix support, with no monthly fees.

  • Disaster Planning

    We do not want to see you held hostage by your IT Infrastructure. If a critical computer goes down we do not want to see your business come to a screeching halt. We look down range and make sure you have all your bases covered, with both data security, backup and disaster planning.

  • Affordable Computers

    We stock quality laptops & desktops at a fraction of  the cost of new computers. We have outfitted many of our clients with quality computers for their business.