Express Virus Removal – Ann Arbor

A Virus Can Ruin Your Day, Slow Down Your Computer  & Put Your Data At Risk! 
By damaging or even destroying your data & making your computer partially or completely nonfunctional.

The best way to help protect yourself from infestations of any type is to regularly update your Operating System with Microsoft  Security Updates, install a firewall  and keep an up to date subscription of QUALITY anti-virus and Spyware programs

If you cannot get rid of a virus, just bring your computer in for service. We scan your entire computer using Industrial strength software finding and removing all viruses. Removing virus and other malicious code allows your memory and CPU to be unburdened by the additional overhead required to run these malicious and potentially fatal programs.

Generally this results in an apparent speed gain in your system and increased system stability.

90 day Unconditional Guarantee On All Virus & Spyware Removal !!!

If you get reinfected for any reason we’ll remove it or apply every cent we charged you towards a clean install of your operating system.

We bet you’ll find we have we have the best price, warranty   and service times in  town!

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Want That Virus Gone  NOW??

Let one of our experienced & friendly computer techs
assist you with your PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad problem.

Drop off by 1 pm Monday – Friday & we will start work the same day.

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All Appointments Get Priority Service

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